Although attorneys are not as tightly monitored as someone acting as a deputy, an attorney must still follow rules and regulations which govern their acts. It is up to the Court of Protection to decide if and when accounts should be filed by attorneys.

For many individuals who take on the role of an attorney the job itself is not fully understood. It can become time consuming and begin to affect their daily lives as the demands of the individual lacking capacity increase.

The time and expertise needed to implement and monitor care packages, hospital discharges and emergency admissions to hospital will add to a heavy workload if appointed to act as property and affairs attorney and health and welfare attorney.

We provide help and support to assist attorneys with this workload.


We are flexible to meet your needs and wishes. For example we can help by:

  • dealing with the practical daily administrative tasks such as: monitoring banking and financial accounts and co-ordinating administration;

  • maintaining annual accounts and receipt records;

  • attending hospital admissions, discharges, and nursing assessments;

  • co-ordinating care packages;

  • attending routine hospital and doctor appointments to provide the support needed.

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