It’s all about decision making. When making decisions you need to be able to:

  • understand the repercussions and consequences;

  • weigh up the pros and cons.

We all appreciate that there are different levels of capacity required to make different decisions.

We specialise in advising on capacity related issues. We provide advice on the level of capacity required to make:

  • a Will

  • lifetime gifts; and

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney.

When capacity is in question and needs evaluation we:

  • undertake assessments

  • work with medical teams

When decisions are taken without capacity problems can arise. We work with those involved to help resolve these issues.

We make applications to the Court of Protection:

  • to put in place Deputyship Orders to protect those who lack capacity;

  • to put Statutory Wills in place; and

  • for lifetime gifts

We also advise and represent individuals in disputes surrounding Court of Protection issues.

At Argo we aim to preserve capacity and enable independent autonomous decisions to be taken by you for as long as possible. This may be by preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney or obtaining a Deputyship Order for you. We can also act as an Attorney or Deputy for you and we provide support to attorneys as they need it.

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