Care Funding

“Okay Mrs Smith, your husband is ready for discharge from hospital now. We just need to do a short financial assessment to see whether he has to pay for his care and, if so, how much”.

This is a very common statement, which, unless you understand can cause all sorts of confusion and concern.

Care funding advice is a very specialist area. Without knowing and understanding who has to pay for what, what capital assets and income are excluded and included in the assessment and what exemptions and reliefs are available on assets it is possible that care fees will be paid when they should not.

It is not simply the case that a home should be sold to fund care. There are many ways of funding care and unless you know what there are you may be forced into making a decision which you may regret.

We specialise in care funding advice and will help guide you through the assessment process to the benefit of you and your family.

Care funding advice should not sit in isolation. Wills should be reviewed and Lasting Powers of Attorney prepared to ensure that should the worse happen those you trust are in the best position to deal with the after effects.

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