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Estate and Tax planning

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We work extremely hard for what we own, so when we pass, we want to see as much of our assets as possible going to the people closest to us. Effective estate and tax planning provides you with the best possible set up to protect your assets against inheritance tax.

Putting an estate and tax plan in place helps to minimize both the time and financial expenses involved in the execution of a will. It allows for a reduced probate process meaning that a substantial portion of the costs, delays, and loss of privacy associated with probate can be avoided.


Within both our estate and tax planning services we provide scheduled gifting plans to take advantage of available exemptions and reliefs. In life and in death we want to make sure that your money is under your control. We will ensure that the right protections are in place for those you leave behind.



The main components of a plan include:

Discussing your estate or tax plan with a lawyer is crucial when you have significant life changes. Without revisiting your estate plan, your property could end up with beneficiaries you no longer want or your children could end up with guardians you don't

speak with anymore.




Creating an Estate and Tax plan sets your assets up for a future after you are gone, ensuring that for those you hold closest, your legacy lives on.

"Working with Argo has been calm, straightforward and incredibly reassuring. I could not recommend them highly enough"

- Mrs Normal, Maidstone

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What is Estate Planning?

Similar to a Will, estate planning provides your relatives with instructions about how your property should be handled after your death. Estate planning goes even further to outline your wishes regarding your health, finances, and more, even while you’re living.

Who needs to Estate Plan?

Estate planning can be particularly beneficial if you have had more than one marriage, own a business, want to donate a portion of your assets to charity, or have specific requests regarding various aspects of your health and property. An estate plan can also be beneficial if you are concerned that your requests might be ignored or that your assets will not be given to the correct people. If your children are not old enough or mature enough to inherit your assets upon your passing, an estate plan can establish a trust that will give them access to those assets when they are ready.

How can I ensure my family's privacy with Estate Planning?

Many of the documents used in an estate plan don’t become public record after you die, unlike a Will or probate court cases. By avoiding probate, you can save your family time and money while also protecting their privacy and helping ensure that no legal cases will be brought against your last will and testament.