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What is a vulnerable client?

At some point in everyone's life they are vulnerable. This does not have to be because of something in particular but could be due to many things or a range of situations and sometimes it is just a temporary thing.

Many of Argo's clients fall into this category because of bereavement, health issues, capacity issues, physical disabilities, frailty or as a result of influence being exerted over them. If we do not consider this vulnerability we are at risk of claims against us for discrimination, compensation for bad advice if we did not consider the situation fully, complaints to our regulators and the loss of our reputation.

This is why when we look after our clients we take into account age, visible and invisible disabilities, capacity issues, cognitive impairment, mental health problems, brain injuries, different types of abuse whether it be by themselves or a third party, bereavement and communication difficulties and many other things. Each has to be considered so that we can make sure we work with you in a way that meets the needs you have from us.

It is not always easy to spot someone who is vulnerable and this may be why you think we might ask some funny questions, may ask to see you at home or may ask family not to be present when we speak to you. This is not us being awkward or difficult but us making sure we understand the situation you are in.

At every stage of planning and reviewing the services we provide at Argo we look at how we can best meet the needs of our vulnerable clients. Rather than always using the internet we actually speak to people! We go to houses so you do not have to struggle to come to see us. We have tried to make sure our website is as user friendly, easy to understand and simple as possible but we also provide everything that is on the website in paper versions if our clients prefer. We spend a lot of time in the community just listening and talking. Not that you want to but soon there will be podcasts within our website so that you can listen to us as well!

We have tried to make our offices as easy to find as possible. We are above the Gateway in Maidstone Town Centre, just next door to the bus station on King Street. Our office is accessible by stairs, lift and escalator. We have parking and disabled facilities on hand and will even meet you from the bus or train is that what you wish, if you do want to come and see us. Our office is bright and airy and calming because we want you to be relaxed in our company.

We do not charge extra for emergency visits if you are unwell or for visits outside of office hours because you cannot help when things happen and you can certainly guarantee that if something does happen, it will not be between Monday 9am and Friday 5pm!

At Argo we want to make sure you feel safe in our hands and feel truly supported by us to help you achieve all you want to. Nothing is too much trouble.

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