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You must make a new will if you are considering divorce or separation

If you want to protect your assets because you are considering divorce or separation, Argo can help you make a new will so you avoid the worry and uncertainty of what might happen if you do nothing.

There are four elements to a divorce. The first is the arguing stage. The second is financial agreement. The third is the issue of the decree nisi when the Court agrees you can divorce. The fourth stage is when the Court issues the decree absolute and confirms you are divorced. Until you receive the decree absolute you are still married and your spouse can inherit from your estate.

If you have made a will your spouse will still inherit until you receive your decree absolute. This is because you are still married throughout the divorce process. It is only when this order is made that your will is read as if your ex had died before you. If they are appointed as an executor they will act in the event of your death. If you have not made a will your spouse could inherit under the legal rules that set out who has what. Your children could end up living in places you would not have wished for them and face an uncertain future, and who will keep the dog?

All of this can be avoided if you make a new will. Act now and you can exclude your spouse from any new will. You can also ensure that they cannot benefit from your estate if something happens to you before your decree absolute. You can ensure your assets pass to those you wish. You can check how assets are owned to protect your interests in your family home.

If you are not sure what to do give us a call today and take advantage of our complimentary 15 minute first aid call to see what you must to do to protect your family. We have a proven track record in getting things done. We take the stress and worry out of making new wills by using our experience and knowledge to give you a hassle free, easy service.

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