Your life

and how to make the legal bit easy


Life is complicated. It is never simply about the problem in hand but how it affects all aspects of your daily life, your family, and your security. A problem never sits in isolation and without sensible planning and advice it may never go away.


At Argo we and guide you through with practical & considered advice that will make a difference to you and allow you to leave the lasting legacy you wish. Our clients benefit from a different approach to advice at Argo. We listen and think before we speak.

Sometimes advice is welcome, sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is needed. Advice, when given, must be appropriate for you, your circumstances, and your needs otherwise you will simply not be interested. So, how about speaking to an adviser that listens to you in the comfort of your home, on your sofa or around your kitchen table where you are most at ease?

Whether it is drafting your Will, saving Inheritance Tax or using trusts to protect assets we are here to help. It is what we do.

Everyone wants to retain control of their finances and their personal needs for as long as they can. We help you appoint attorneys to make decisions at times when you most need them. We advise on issues that arise with capacity and help guide you through the maze that is the Court of Protection. We work with you, and your attorneys, in your best interest.

Illness can creep up when we least expect it. Being prepared takes some of the fear out of the panic illness can cause. Powers of Attorney and Living Wills help to ensure your wishes are followed with practical sensible advice about funding care and benefits make life much easier. Let us make this difficult time easier for you and your family by giving you the knowledge you need to cope.

It is never easy to talk about death and dying but it is necessary to ensure a person’s end of life wishes are respected and documented and to help with the administration of their estate when the time comes. Grief can overwhelm and leave those behind feeling helpless. Let us help you deal with the practicalities so you can concentrate on what is important: you and your family.

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