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£150 cost of living disability payment

Remember that from 20 September 2022 about 6 million people living with disabilities were entitled to receive an automatic payment of £150 to help with the increased costs of living.

This should be paid within two weeks of 20 September if you are in receipt of:-

  • attendance allowance

  • constant attendance allowance

  • disability living allowance

  • personal independence payment

  • adult disability payment and child

  • armed forces independence payment

  • war pension mobility supplement

This payment was credited to your council tax account or paid directly into your bank account. For those paying council tax you will have seen a reduction on your council tax bill but for those who claim council tax benefit a credit will appear.

By now you should have received a letter from your local authority advising how you can claim the credit sitting on your council tax account. You should be able to telephone your local council or apply via their website.

If you have not received a letter please make sure you telephone your local council to claim your cost of living payment.

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