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It's not just about the legal stuff!

Research states that about 470,000 people die in England each year and that this figure is expected to increase 20% in the next 20 years. Having a healthy end of life is not always possible but it is possible to have an organised end of life.

Most people think that the practical side of dying is just making a will but there is so much more than that. This is one thing we want to make our clients very aware of as we take the initiative and respond to our clients needs and wishes rather than just simply what we feel they should be told.

Making a will is just one element of end of life planning. If this is done in isolation by a lawyer, a fantastic opportunity for collaborative planning could be missed to maximise all tools available through legal, accounting and financial means to protect funds and save tax. We encourage all of our clients to allow us to speak to and work with their accountants and individual financial advisers so we can achieve the best outcome for their needs. After all, the best way forward may not be the legal way forward!!

We work with benefit and debt advisers to manage income and outgoings if advice is needed and we help our clients to manage their budgets so they can live within their means. We also review income to see whether they are missing some vital piece of income that could help to make a financial difference.

Argo does not just adopt this approach to the sensible things that involve planning and paperwork. We also consider the health and welfare needs of our clients and for this reason have a social care team who work alongside our legal team to help support our clients. We strive to achieve what is in the best interests of our clients.

We regularly speak with GPs and medical professionals to assist with managing an individual's medical appointments. We work with opticians, dentists and chiropodists, physios and occupational therapists to find out what extra needs individuals have which would benefit from improvement.

Argo works very closely with families and care teams to provide the best care and support for our clients which enables the return to the mother-daughter, father-son relationship from the banker, builder and carer relationship. Most importantly we enable husbands and wives to be just that. We build care packages with professionals that work for the family which use the best care teams around. We make sure that you can have a lay in and each lunch at 1pm and not be put to bed at 5pm. We encourage shopping, long lazy lunches, holidays away and fun because we know that if our clients are happy they will be healthy, whatever their circumstances.

If you would like to know a little more about our social care team please give Kevin Collier a call on 01622 843729 for further details.

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