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Hurrah! It's finally here

After trauma, sweat and tears our new website is finally here. Because we want to provide you with as much information as we can the website is not all being released at once. There are many plans afoot and new and exciting things to look out for.

We have taken a lot of time to get this right. We have spoken to our clients both young and old. We have spoken to those living with dementia, strokes, visual and hearing problems to try to build a site which works for our clients. We are being totally transparent in all that we do so you can see from the outset what our charges are, our terms of business are, our complaints procedure is. We are launching a client forum shortly where you can ask as many questions as you wish and discuss subjects and share experiences. Not to mention our You Tube Channel which is in the making to provide you access to short learning experiences.

As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement. We hope you like what we have done!

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