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Priority water services

South East Water have a special service for customers who have additional needs because of physical or invisible disabilities. Have you registered yet?

It's easy to do. Just contact South East Water and let them know which services you will need from them, complete their application form and you will be added to their Priority Services Register. You can choose to:

- receive prior warning of planned work which will interrupt your water supply

- receive important information in a format which is easier for you to read and understand

- register a password with South East Water for their technicians to use if they visit you at home

- nominate someone you trust to receive your bill

- receive information about specialist organisations which can provide advice on adaptations to water appliances and fittings around the home

If you have not registered for the Priority Services Register call South East Water between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday or on Saturday between 8am and 1pm on 0333 000 0001 or speak with our social and wellbeing team who will be able to help complete the application paperwork.

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