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You never plan to be sick or disabled, but planning for an emergency can make all the difference in your recovery. Gather as much information and figure out what you will need from loved ones so they are not left looking after each other while trying to help those most urgently require attention themselves.

Gathering supplies such as food, water purification tablets etc., making sure important documents like medical records exist & getting professional advice is imperative when faced with either situation; illness or injury

Each Will is unique but here are some examples of what yours might include:

  • Name of your executor (who will manage the Will)

  • Any Legal Guardians for your children

  • Your funeral wishes/arrangements

  • Personal assets (e.g. jewellery, cars, pictures)

  • Financial assets (money in the bank accounts, any property you own)

  • Name your beneficiaries (who you are leaving your assets to)

You decide when you make a Will who you leave your assets to. As soon as you begin to save, purchase your first home, have your first child or inherit money a Will becomes essential.


Without a Will you have no say in how your estate will be dealt with and instead, your assets will be divided according to the law. Your family may not end up with all that you wish or their future may be complicated by assets going elsewhere.


As long as you are able to give instructions and have capacity to make a Will you can. You decide who will be your executor, who will be the guardian of your young children, who you leave your personal items to and all of your other assets.