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How long does it take to register my lasting power of attorney?

If you catch us on a bad day you may get the reply of how long is a piece of string! Whilst that is neither helpful nor professional there are days where it feels as if that is the only answer we can give!

The Office of the Public Guardian has recently updated its guidance in relation to the length of the registration process. Whilst us lawyers can do our bit quickly the Court is a different matter. We have historically advised it could take between twelve and sixteen weeks for the registration to be completed. The Office of the Public Guardian have advised we should advise our clients that this is now twenty weeks from submission. This seems like rather a long time.

We have always been proactive however in relation to the registration gap. There are measures that can be put in place to provide assistance to those who may need it during this intervening period so don't despair.

If you do need any help because an emergency has arisen during the registration period or things are becoming difficult give us a call to help.


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