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No more certified copy lasting powers of attorney?

The Office of the Public Guardian have launched a new online identification tool which, it is hoped, will provide immediate confirmation of the existence of a lasting power of attorney and attorney credentials for banks and other institutions. At the moment attorneys have to rely on the production of certified paper copies to third parties as proof of the existence of a lasting power.

This new tool has come as a surprise to those of us who work with the Office of the Public Guardian as there was no consultation as to how it was to work before rollout.

A new digital access code will be available for newly registered lasting powers of attorney but plans are underway to provide codes for the lasting powers already registered. How long this will take is not certain. Once the code has been received it will be submitted via an online portal which will, nearly instantly(?), confirm the attorney's status as an attorney and the power they hold.

This would seem to be an end to delays whist paper documents wind their way through third party policies and procedures and the costs involved with obtaining certified copies. We are yet to see a digital access code from the Office of the Public Guardian but as soon as we do we will test it and report back!

In the meantime, if you have any queries about lasting powers of attorney speak to the team either by phone, web

chat or email for further information.

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