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Protect your property against fraud!

With fraud on the increase it makes sense for you to protect what is likely to be your most valuable asset.

Property fraud can happen when criminals pretend to be you to try and sell or mortgage your property. Your risk of being a victim of property fraud is higher is you rent your property, have an empty property, are mortgage free or are not registered with HM Land Registry.

By signing up to the Land Registry Property Alert service and ensuring your property is registered with them will allow you to apply for a restriction to be placed on your property to prevent activity from taking place unless a conveyancer or solicitor certifies the application was made by you.

This is a free service provided by HM Land Registry which will message you if certain activity takes place with the property you are monitoring. You can monitor up to ten properties at a time and is particularly helpful if you want to register the property of an elderly family member or a friend

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