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Transparency on legal costs - really?!

Does your solicitor advertise the costs that they charge on their website? We do. At Argo we believe in complete transparency with everything we do. We have no qualms about publishing our prices. We review our charges at the end of every year and publish the updated figures on our website.

We understand that customers want to be able to shop around and we want to give our them the option to compare services by costs if that is important to them.

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority recently conducted research with customers purchasing legal services. Of those they surveyed only 15% of customers were able to obtain information on pricing without having specifically ask for it. The SRA found that presenting price information would allow customers to make good financial decisions. When prices were readily available for services 62% of customers selected the best option for them between firms.

As a customer you should be advised on costs before you undertake any work with a lawyer. Charges should be written down and confirm in a terms of business letter. You are also allowed to negotiate. If you think the charge being made by a lawyer is to much ask them to look at the different ways in which services could be provided ie by the hour, on a fixed fee, on a percentage fee, and see what works best for you. You are the customer after all!!

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