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What happens to my dog when I die?

Pets are precious; after all, they are your best friends and part of the family. Cats can live for 20 years, dogs can live for fifteen years and tortoises can live for hundreds so it is important to make provision for what happens to them if you are not around. Did you know that your furry friend is a personal chattel just like your grandfather clock or engagement ring?

Who looks after Barnie or Doris will be extremely emotive just as who receives your engagement ring is. There will be arguments if nothing is documented. Whilst you can leave an engagement ring to your granddaughter you may need to leave a cash gift to whoever is to look after your dog to help with ongoing expenses. Some things are worth more than others. You can put a price on an engagement ring and perhaps balance the gift out to others on a monetary basis but what price is your trusted best friend?

It is important when giving away personal items that you own the item you are giving. You need to check the log book at the DVLA or the ownership records with the kennel club. When you know the item is yours write a letter to your executors detailing what you wish to leave to particular people and consider whether you need to provide funds to help to maintain what you are leaving.

So, don’t forget to leave those important personal items to people you wish to receive them whether it’s the dog or granny’s heirloom. Make sure your instructions are clear and that they are kept with your will. Most importantly, make sure you ask the dog who they would prefer to live with!

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