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Why it is important to make a will

As lawyers we can tell you about the formalities for making and signing wills, ensuring the right things are included and making sure they are signed correctly, but we're not going to do that as these things are down to us, not you. And, we also don’t need to tell you that a will is a document that you have to sign to make sure things are divided out amongst those who are important to you upon your death. You know that already!

We want you to make sure you understand how not doing things when making your will can impact upon you and your family’s future as this is more important and might be stopping you from taking that next step.

It is important to ensure that you get the right advice. At some point we could all take advice from the man in the pub or pay expensive legal fees for advice. Making a will is important so it is not just about getting the document right but making sure you get the right adviser; someone who you can talk to and explain your worries to, someone who understands your circumstances and listens, someone you feel you can trust to talk about the secrets that are hidden away and someone who will tell you the best way to achieve your wants and wishes.

The worst thing you could possibly do however is to do nothing. It is important that all of us over the age of eighteen who own houses, have savings, own cars, have children, have grandchildren or a dog make a will. It is thought that over half of the adult population in England do not have wills. For those individuals they are leaving the future of their estate and their family to chance. For those who have made wills they have peace of mind and security in knowing that their wishes can be carried out and their families are protected.

If you think that you need to review or make your will why not give us a call or visit our website to start the process today


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