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You must invest in a will as well as a wedding rings if you are getting married!

Everything changes when you get married. You don’t just promise to love and to cherish and to honour and obey. You also become part of couple, not just because you love each other but because the tax man says so!

Any will you have made which leaves your assets from your past life to parents, siblings, children and friends is revoked by your marriage. If you are marrying for a second time things become even more complicated. You may have assets from a previous relationship which you share with your ex. You may have assets you have acquired whilst you were on your own or could have children from a previous relationship.

It may be that if you are newlyweds there are things you want to leave to individuals, other than your new spouse, if you die. This may change as your relationship develops or there may be assets you need to protect for many different reasons. If there is no will your new spouse will be entitled to inherit under the Intestacy Rules, a set of rules established in law to determine who inherits what in the event you die without having made a will, until you make a new will. This could mean that if you have children from a previous relationship a new spouse could prevent them from inheriting from your estate as you may have wished them to.

The easiest way to head off all of the problems is to either make a will in contemplation of your marriage or make a will as soon as possible after you have married. Argo recommends the former. By taking control and making sure you put in writing what you want to happen should you die, you can guarantee that your assets pass on your death as you wish and to whom you wish, in the way you wish. Writing everything down will then mean you can get back to being married and doing the jobs you promised you would!

Making a will does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Just think about who is important to you and put them in an order of importance. Think about what you own and who you want to have that item. Then, pick up the phone and call Argo to take advantage of our free fifteen minute consultation call on 01622 843729 or log into our website to see how easy it can be to get sorted!


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