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We are not sure what a “law firm” means to you.  Does it mean big offices, with large boardrooms and people in suits?  Does it mean apprehension about the first meeting and what to expect?  If the answer is yes then you have been using the wrong companies!


Argo was established to be different;  to care about you, to listen to you and provide a service that looks after you.  We know that life can be hard at times and we want to provide you with the support and back up you need to live a fun packed life, not just exist.  We are here to take the worry off your shoulders.  By sorting out legal and financial paperwork and obtaining advice at the right time pressures and stress can be alleviated.  Most importantly, we restore the balance within families so that families can become families and not care teams or bankers.  We support the whole family as we understand illness or death affects everyone.


Yes we write wills, prepare lasting powers of attorney, administer estates and provide advice on trusts and care funding but we are so much more than that. Our legal team are great at making the complex simple, ensuring that you understand exactly what you are signing and giving you the time you need to understand and make decisions.  In addition to the legal stuff we also look after you.  We help with benefit applications, arrange care packages, support with the management of finances and health issues, take you on amazing days out.  Our clients love our day trips to the Ritz for afternoon tea or to Buckingham Palace!  We have a dedicated social and wellbeing team to do this.  Our legal and social and wellbeing team support each other to provide an amazing service for our clients.


We want you to become part of our Argo family.  We do not want to see you once and never see you again.  We want to be here when you need us so you know you always have someone to turn to.

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Our Office

First Floor Cooks Barn

Turkey Mill Business Centre

Ashford Road

Maidstone Kent 

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