Joan Hamer, died at the age of 91, in bed, in her own home.  She had two children and four grandchildren and was warmly regarded in her village.  Everyone knew Joan and all were welcome in her home for a cup of coffee and slice of cake. She listened to her visitors, understood their worries and passed on her wisdom to those who chose to confide in her.  


Joan's granddaughter, Kelly, adored her grandmother and did everything she could, as her grandmother got older, to make sure she had all she needed.  Joan told Kelly her wishes for the future and Kelly gave her a voice whenever necessary.  Kelly helped her grandmother with the serious things in life and the fun things.  Joan battled with numerous health issues towards the end of her life but nothing could dampen her spirit, not even a bad day.


Kelly is the founding director of Argo.  The legacy to her grandmother.  A company which gives a voice to those who cannot be heard.  Joan is the reason Argo exists. To help those who need it.


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