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Argo enters into a covenant to say thank you!

Dear Servicemen & women of the UK armed forces

Argo Life & Legacy are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. It is a commitment that ensures those who serve, their families and veterans will be treated fairly for all matters. Our pledge means we'll provide advice and guidance to help them in an environment where they can live with dignity and receive the respect they deserve.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise made by the British Government to those who serve in our armed forces or their dependents. It is an agreement between the nation, those who serve and sacrifice on behalf of us all and those who are no longer able to protect themselves. The covenant recognises that members of our armed forces make/made sacrifices which may affect them or their families through periods of service, transition into civilian life and beyond; these include military operations overseas, working with allies around the world, training other nations’ militaries for peacekeeping missions at home or abroad as well as being deployed domestically to support civil authorities during emergencies such as flooding and terrorism incidents.

We're excited to enter into this covenant because it aligns with our core values of community involvement. We are proud to provide legal advice to service members and their families who've made sacrifices on behalf of our country.

Thank you for your service in protecting us, We are here to help protect you.

Kind regards

Argo Life & Legacy

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