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Can I still visit gran in her care home?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question.

The government has published on its website policies for visiting arrangements in care homes during coronavirus. For full details of the policies visit

The first priority of the policy is to reduce the risk of coronavirus in care homes and the prevention of future outbreaks. This is to protect residents and staff. Visiting arrangements will be subject to dynamic risk assessments to consider the circumstances of the individual care home and its local circumstances. It is the responsibility of the Director of Public Health for the locality to assess the suitability of visiting taking into account relevant infection and growth rates. The decision as to visiting, is ultimately down to the care home and its management team. It may be that two homes, next to each other, operate slightly different visiting policies.

Guidance states that if visits are allowed and there is a coronavirus outbreak or evidence of a community hotspot a home may be required to rapidly impose further restrictions to prevent their residents and staff.

The visiting policy may not be applied across the home but in relation to specific individuals so one resident may receive a visitor whereas another may not. The home has to consider the benefit of visits to wellbeing, the extent of harm that will be caused if no visits take place, whether the individual is at their end of life, the level of potential effects of a COVID19 diagnosis on the individual, the level of care provided to visitors, the number of staff in attendance and the ability to hold visits by other means.

In making the decisions about visits the care home should actively involve the resident, their relatives, friends and any professionals that need to be involved.

It is likely that within a home they will limit visits to a single constant visitor, per resident, if possible. This may mean that only one family member can see gran for the foreseeable future. It does not prevent that family member holding a skype or zoom call during the visit.

The care home should have a visiting policy and this should be made available to you if you request it.

If you encounter any difficulties or need any assistance with care home visits please give us a call on 01622 843729

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