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Extra pennies in your pocket - Benefit and care allowance increase

Its that time of year again when the Government increase benefits and allowances that are relevant for those receiving care at home or in a care home.

When a care calculation is made the local authority have to ensure an individual has a personal allowance. This is a spending pot that they can use for themselves which is not included in care calculations. This is rising from £25.65 to £28.25.

The Government also sets a minimum income guarantee that an individual must receive to maintain a standard of living. Your circumstances will determine the amount of income you must receive. This figure is relevant when claiming benefits as your benefit total must ensure you have, at least, this amount to live on.

If you are in receipt of care and have savings you are entitled to receive a savings credit in any care calculation that is made on your behalf.

All of these amounts have increased from April 2023.

It is important that you checked on your benefit update letters that the increase has been considered. It is important if you receive care that the local authority has taken these figures into account and adjusted your contributions.

I have put the website link below for you to read. Make sure you check your letters and bills when you next receive one so you know you are getting all you are entitled to!

After all, every penny counts!

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