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Gran can escape from the care home!

On 14 June the government announced further relaxation of rules relating to residents of care homes. Following this relaxation residents can spend more time with family and friends and can stay overnight if they wish. At present residents can only make high priority visits from the care home for things like dental or GP appointments. More socialisation can now take place without isolation being imposed on them as a consequence.

If, however, a high risk visit such as a visit to hospital, or an overnight hospital stay, or another care home takes place there will still be a need to isolate for fourteen days following the visit. Isolation will also continue to take place for those moving into care from a hospital setting.

From 21 June new residents admitted to care homes from the community (not hospitals) will no

longer have to self isolate for fourteen days following their move. Fantastic news! An enhanced testing regime involving a PCR test before admission, a PCR test on the day of admission and a further PCR rest seven days later will be put in place to ensure covid monitoring.

In addition each resident in care can nominate an essential care giver to provide additional support during their visits from someone who knows them best. These essential care givers will still be able to visit during future covid outbreaks or periods of isolation but will be subject to the same rules and regulations for the use of PPE and covid testing.


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