Happy New Tier!

Lots changed over the weekend for those of us now living under tier 4 covid restrictions. This means that many things are now very different to Friday. We have taken a look at how these new restrictions will affect our elderly and vulnerable communities.

As from the early hours of Sunday morning we are unable to leave or be outside of the place we live unless we have a reasonable excuse. A reasonable excuse is leaving home for work purposes when your place of work remains open and you cannot work from home. You must shop local in the essential shops that remain open. These shops are pharmacists, supermarkets and food shops, click and collect food purchases and banks. You can also access critical public services. You are allowed to fulfil legal duties ie buying and selling a house and you can leave home for educational related purposes ie school and registered childcare.

We cannot meet people indoors unless we live in the same house as them or they form part of our support bubble, even then we are only allowed to meet one person from a different household.

Outdoor exercise is still permitted with certain rules and some outside spaces are open.

Medical reasons are reasonable excuses. You can travel to have a covid test and for routine appointments. You can travel for emergencies and to be with someone who is giving birth. You can also leave home to visit someone who is dying, in a care home, hospice or hospital within the rules of the establishment concerned. The government have not forgotten pets. You can still take your pet to the vet.

You can still worship, attend a funeral, visit a place of remembrance or attend a wedding, within the prescribed rules.

For those who are considered to be clinically vulnerable ie

  • over 70

  • under 70 and instructed to get a flu jab

  • pregnant

  • living with a respiratory disease

  • living with heart, kidney, liver or neurological conditions

  • spleen issues

  • diabetes

  • a weakened immune system

  • or a BMI over 40

the government have advised that you should be especially careful to follow the new tier 4 rules and minimise contact with others.