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Have you turned your heating on yet?

I don't know about you but my heating has been on a couple of times already and I have already lit the fire. It is well known that as soon as you put the heating on for winter it breaks down because it has not really been used during the summer. So why not try it a few times before you really need it. Turn it on for a few hours over the next few weeks to make sure it works and perhaps get it serviced before you really need it.

Let's not sit in the snow this year, in lots of jumpers, waiting for the heating engineer to arrive!

Have you also checked to make sure that you chimney has been swept from last year and your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms are working? Although the local fire service won't sweep your chimney they will come and test your alarms.

Keeping the heating on all the time is more cost effective than it switching on and off on a timer throughout the day. It will also help to ensure your pipes do not freeze.

Don't forget though that with warmer houses and closed windows the likelihood of condensation increases. It is potentially hazardous to your health as condensation leads to mould which can cause problems for those living with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

If you do not want to open your windows make sure you open the window vents. Perhaps leave a small window open for a short period of time in the rooms you use the most. Get someone to check that your airbricks on the outside of the house are not blocked by weeds, plants or overgrown grass. Check where the airbricks come into the house and make sure the internal access is not blocked by furniture. Leave a gap between the wall and your furniture to allow air to circulate and make sure you use your extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking and running the bath or shower. If you do not have a tumble dryer make sure you dry clothes in a room where you can open the window and close the door.

Most of all do not be afraid to put your heating on. Keeping warm is the most important thing during winter, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable members of our communities. The winter fuel payment and cold weather payments will be on hand to help with additional costs and special tariffs can be applied to your accounts to help with the cost of heating.

If you need any help in finding a heating engineer or looking at your fuel tariffs let us know and we will help.

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