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Here we go again! Shields ready ......

New Covid measures have been introduced across the country this week to try to tackle the rise in positive diagnosis and hospital admissions.

The new three tier alert system has been introduced to manage outbreaks on a local level. Most of Kent has been categorised in the medium alert level although some towns are seeing much higher positive cases and hospital admissions than others. Time will tell whether we move into a higher alert level.

The medium alert level means that we must:

  • strictly observe social distancing

  • meet others outside where possible

  • limit unnecessary journeys on public transport

  • work from home if possible

  • apply the rule of six

Children can still go to school and people can go to work if they cannot work at home.

At the moment individuals who were advised to shield in the first lockdown have not been told to do so. The government will be writing to these individuals with advice on how they should look after themselves for the foreseeable future. Shielding will not be triggered automatically if the alert level increases but could be in hotspots if it is deemed necessary.

We are now aware of the mental health impact shielding had on our vulnerable community so this time we are more alert to what we need to do to help. If you do have a neighbour who is vulnerable don't forget they are there. You can check they are okay by telephoning them or speaking to them within the social distance guidelines. We saw how organised local community support groups were in the last lockdown so make sure your vulnerable neighbour is on their list for help and support. If you don't know what to do give us a shout and we will happily call to see how they, find out what they need and get them the help they deserve.

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