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Isn't modern technology great!

In the early stages of business development we put in place a fantastic telephone system which allows us to have online video calls and conference calls with our clients. There is no need for us to book a slot with a telephone conferencing company as we have it in house.

This system is allowing us to keep in contact with all our clients. Not only do they get to hear our voices but they get to see our smiley faces, which can make the world of difference to someone who has not seen anyone for days.

In these strange times we have held conference calls for elderly mothers in care homes who want to speak to their families in different parts of the world. These calls are great and a huge surprise to mum who we never tell in advance! We have enabled some of our younger disabled clients who live in residential homes to speak to their parents, we are holding client meetings with multiple individuals and tomorrow we are having our first meeting with an elderly lady in a care home which has closed it's doors to visitors. Each of our elderly and vulnerable clients are receiving a weekly face to face call to see how they are doing.

We are speaking with our contacts and third parties to make sure we are up to date with work being carried out by social services, hospital discharge teams and our local care agencies to ensure that we have up to date information for our clients.

We have been able to comment on lovely wallpaper, meet the family pets, have meetings with people in their pyjamas and we are now working on an interactive dementia support group.

We are not in isolation at all. We are making the most of engaging with our clients. We are sharing laughs and jokes and pyjamas!

We are working as normal and due to the wonders of technology do not have to be two metres away!

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