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Its a cremation, but not as you know it!?

Cremation by water looks as if it is going to be the new, sustainable alternative to traditional cremation. The process is quite simple. It copies what nature does when a body is buried by naturally breaking us down, but more quickly than burial. Ashes are left for the family to scatter as with a conventional cremation.

Yorkshire Water have been granted the first wastewater consent to discharge in the UK which opens the door to cremation by water. It is environmentally friendly and will help the funeral industry to significantly reduce it's impact on climate change. Studies have shown that cremation by water poses no risk to the UK water network for the water which remains after the process has completed.

For a short while during our first read about this new development we thought our remains would end up in the sewer. We were not sure how to word this in our wills when we dealt with funeral wishes as its not the same as being scattered on a tropical island to float away in the wind, is it??! On our second read we were pleased to note that our ashes can indeed be scattered on the luxury island. We breathed rather a big sigh of relief after our second read!!

Whilst this is a new form of cremation and is not widely available if you would like more information give us a call and we can provide further information.

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