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Long delays for an LPA!

We just wanted to let you know that if you are waiting for a Lasting Power of Attorney to come back registered from the Office of the Public Guardian you could be waiting some time!

Current updates from the OPG are putting registration times at 20 weeks from the date they receive your application for the process to complete. This is a considerable period of time to wait.

If you need assistance with your financial affairs now you may want to consider making a general power of attorney. This will allow attorneys to help until such time as your property and affairs lasting power comes through.

If you need assistance with your health and welfare consider putting in place an advanced directive or living will and make sure that your doctors know your wishes whilst you can.

If you are struggling as a result of this delay and need to consider what you can do in the meantime please give us a call for further advice on 01622 843729.

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