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More families to rely on foodbanks in December

An expected rise in families relying on the assistance of foodbanks marks a worrying trend in financial poverty for our most vulnerable. In 2017 159,388 families had to rely on a three day emergency food supply according to the Tressel Trust. The trust blames the increase on cold weather and insufficient benefits, saying families are left unable to cope with the increased living costs in winter, such as heating.

Benefits do not cover essential living costs of families in the cold season, the charity says, and the minimum five week wait for a first Universal Credit payment, experienced by those moving onto this system, has only exacerbated the situation.

This problem is not just limited to young families but our elderly neighbours too. At this time of year with surplus food, drink and an abundance of festive spirit perhaps we could all consider delivering a small parcel of festive goodies to our elderly neighbours to help with difficulties caused by rising fuel bills.

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