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Self isolating or consequences?

On 28 September 2020 the new round of Coronavirus legislation came into force in relation to self isolation upon receiving a positive Covid test or confirmation of contact with a positive Covid person. The legislation has been brought in to make it an offence to not self isolate.

Notification must be made by a specific person ie an employee of the NHS or local authority, a member of the NHS Test and Tract Service or a member of Public Health England NOT by notification on the Covid phone app. It is section 2 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Self Isolation) (England) regulations 2020 that requires self isolation either at home or in another suitable place. Section 3 of the act sets down how long isolation should last. This is important as different period will apply depending upon whether they have tested positive for Coronavirus or have interacted with a close positive contact.

It is a ten day quarantine from the date symptoms began (if it is known) for someone who has had a positive Coronavirus test or, if the date symptoms began is not known, it is ten days from the test.

For those notified of close contact with a HOUSEHOLD MEMBER self isolation is 14 days after the date the person's, with whom they had close contact, symptoms began otherwise it is fourteen days after their test.

For those notified of close contact with someone OUTSIDE THEIR HOUSEHOLD self isolation is fourteen days after the date they were last in contact with that person.

The exceptions to self isolation can include seeking urgent medical assistance, fulfilling a legal obligation and where, it is not possible to do so by other means, to obtain basic necessities such as food or medical supplies.

Failure to adhere to these new regulations will result in the issue of fixed penalty notices or fines. A first offence attracts a fixed penalty of £1,000. The second offence attracts a fixed penalty of £2,000. For the third offence it is £4,000 and thereafter it is £10,000 for each subsequent offence.

If you are found to be reckless to the consequences of another person or group penalties start at £4,000 with each subsequent penalty fiving rise to a charge of £10,000.

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