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It's all about transparency

Lawyers are being asked to be transparent about the costs they charge their client. This should already be taking place I hear you shout! Do you really have a full understanding of what charges you lawyer makes when you seek advice?

CILEx Regulation Ltd along with regulators of solicitors and registered conveyancers have implemented guidelines to make sure that for certain areas of work you have full knowledge of the charges involved in a process before you even make a phone call.

The transparency rules state that law firms must publish on their websites or in paper form the following:-

- the total price of the legal service

- whether the charge is based on an hourly rate or fixed fee

- the services that are included in the price

- all services that might reasonably be expected to be included in the price

- the cost of all disbursements and an explanation

- the VAT on services that are provided

- details of any fee agreements which are in place (usually for litigation)

Argo's website has a special page dedicated to our charges. For the area of the law in which we work we only have to provide this information about the charges in involved in estate administration but we have decided to let you know what we charge in all areas of work we do. Over the coming weeks you will also see our charges in relation to wills, lasting powers of attorney, care advice, personal assistance and support and our social and wellbeing services.

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