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What is attendance allowance?

This is a benefit the government provides for those who have reached state pension age and may need frequent care or supervision due to an illness or disability. The Attendance Allowance helps with extra costs for care needs such as a career, grab rails to help you get around your house and much more!

If you are looking at Attendance Allowance for somebody else, you are able to fill the form out for them, if they do not have the capacity to sign or understand the form themselves.

This benefit is not means tested and will therefore not affect any other benefits you may be claiming. If you are assessed as having a need and therefore require some extra financial support to make your day easier there are two separate rates you may be eligible for:-

- £59.70 a week, lower rate. You would be entitled to this rate if you only need frequent help during the day and some supervision at night.

- £89.15 a week, higher rate. You would be entitled to this rate if you need constant help and supervision both day and night. You would also be entitled to this rate if you are terminally ill and need 24/7 care needs.

The rates can change if your care needs change. For example, if you are given the lower rate you may go up to the higher rate if your care needs become more frequent due to your condition changing as you get older.

There is a form on the website that you would need to fill in. The form includes notes explaining to you how to fill it in. Within the form there are questions to answer and boxes to tick. It is important to fill out as many boxes as possible so the Attendance Allowance Department can have a full understanding of why you may need an allowance.

Here at Argo we have a social care team who can help you with your Attendance Allowance if you need it. If you did want help from us do not hesitate to give us a call. We can come to you and sit down and fill it in together. We do not charge for this service but could end up helping you to receive an extra £4,600 per year. Surely its worth a telephone call!

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