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What is pathway three funding?

Do you know there are different pathways under which individuals are discharged from hospital?

Pathway zero is simple. There is zero need for help! Following a stay in hospital a patient is discharged the their usual place of residence. They are fully independent upon discharge and do not require any further support.

Pathway one is where a patient is discharged to their usual place of residence but needs interim support. This could be with a new package of care or with tweaks to their existing package. They may receive reablement support to help maximise their independence along with some therapy or equipment to held them. These individuals can be left safely alone between calls and overnight.

Pathway two will see a patient transferred to a non acute bed setting to receive rehabilitation and assessment until they are safe to return home. The placement will be short term and may or may not involve reablement and assessment. There may be some element of specialist rehabilitation but these individuals will be unsafe if they are left alone between care calls or overnight calls.

Pathway three is the term which is all the rage with hospital discharges at the moment. Lots of patients with dementia , complex or long term health conditions are discharged under pathway three. There may have been life changing health care needs as a result of illness or accident or complex end of life or mental health needs. This pathway can also be used if there are completed housing and homeless needs, Patients are transferred to new long term beds, outside of the hospital environment, usually for assessment, as they have complex needs which require professional input from multiple sources and a high need for a package of care. Pathway three is paid for by the Integrated Care Boards (the NHS) rather than the individuals.

It is important to understand what pathway you or your family member are being discharged under as this has knock on consequences for funding and future support.

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