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Who has your personal data?

If you are one of the many millions who have insurance with BUPA it might just be worth checking the security of your date. BUPA Insurance Limited have been fined £175,000 by the Information Commissioner for a data breach because a BUPA employee collected personal data for 547,000 customers and offered it for sale on the "dark web". This is about one third of the 1.5 million customers held within their database.

Companies are required under Data Protection laws and the new GDPR legislation to take effective measures to prevent your personal data from being accessed inappropriately. They also have a duty to protect your data.

If you have any concerns about the data a company holds about you, you can ask them to confirm the nature of the records on their system. Every company should now have a privacy statement which is available for you to see to provide you with details of the measures which are being taken to look after your information.

If a company holds data that you no longer want them to have you can ask "to be forgotten" and removed from their system.

Where ever possible Argo tries not to forget their clients! We do however have strict privacy rules within which we operate and are happy to provide you with copies of our privacy statement if you wish. We write to our clients to confirm what we do with their data and will remove sensitive data from our records at your request.

We are bound by our governance regulations to retain client files for seven years but there are some exceptions to this which we inform you about.

If you do want Argo to "forget you" we will, of course, be sad but promise not to take it personally!

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