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Why does Argo want you to make your will?

Kelly is the founder of Argo Life & Legacy, a legacy for her grandmother. Argo exists to give a voice to those who struggle to be heard and to help those who need it.

It is because of the difficulties Kelly experienced in caring for her grandmother that she decided support families with elderly or vulnerable relatives in planning for their future. Future planning is a family affair and involves all generations, regardless of circumstance.

Over the last 20 years, Kelly has been supporting and holding the hands of her clients who wish to make a will. Whether they want to protect assets from future care charges, protect a disabled child or undertake planning to reduce inheritance tax charges Kelly works to take away their worries and prevent mistakes to stop things from going very wrong. She can even draft nice straightforward wills for those who want to keep it simple! Kelly makes sure that you have the time you need to make your decisions and explains things in a way that you will understand.

We asked Kelly why she wants you to make a will and she replied

"Over my career I have seen the fallout on a family because a parent died without making a will. Life can be thrown into chaos in a second and everything you thought would happen changes. Making a will gives your family certainty about their future and you peace of mind that you have done the right thing. A will makes life so much easier as it plans and protects for the future, after all none of us are getting any younger and none of us can predict the future, so who knows what might happen next"

Many people use Kelly because clients say she is “caring and empathetic” and “not at all stuffy”. She has even been told that making a will with her is “as easy as buttering a piece of toast”!

If you really wish to get this sorted please call Kelly to book your free telephone will check.

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