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Apetito closes in Kent

The hot meal provided Apetito will be closing its doors at the end of July 2022 leaving hundreds of vulnerable people in the County of Kent not knowing what to do next.

We have been notified on behalf of a number of clients of the closure and have spoken to the Apetito team to find out what has happened. Aside from a company wide cyber attack in June the Kent branch of Apetito can no longer provide a service to its clients due to financial viability. The staff in the Kent branch have been totally stunned by this announcement and are saddened not only to be losing their jobs but to no longer be able to help their customers, some of whom they have worked with for many years.

Alternative providers are being recommended by Apetito but there is a limited alternative hot meal service in the County with many replacements only providing microwavable or oven cook meals. This will not meed the needs of individuals who are unable to prepare a hot meal for themselves. Having a hot meal every day is vital for the ongoing health and wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable individuals.

We have raised this matter with our local MPs. If you are experiencing difficulty please do not worry and not speak to anyone. You can call our team on 01622 843729 to discuss your situation and we will work to help find a solution together

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