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Do you have an Apple account?

Did you know that Apple will now allow a nominated person to access your Apple account in the event of your death?

After a great deal of lobbying and persuasion Apple has given to the persistent campaigners to allow access to emails, pictures and other iCloud contents on death. Previously executors were unable to access accounts on production of a Grant of Probate as Apple required a Court Order to release information.

Apple is advising its customers to add an inheritance plan to their will covering the personal information which is stored on their devices and in iCloud. It is hoped that this will simplify the process of acquiring a proper court order and will prevent delay and frustration for families. The facility will allow you to add people to your account as a legacy contact for future use. A death certificate will need to be provided to Apple to then access data.

This will not allow Apple to unlock devices secured with a passcode. It is still advisable to notify your executors of any passcodes you may have.

Have you given thought as to what happens to your digital assets upon your death. Do you even know what your digital footprint is to pass on details? If you need help with sorting this why not give us a call.


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