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Free prescriptions cancelled for over 60s?

Under a new review and consultation the Department of Health is looking to raise the free prescription age to match state pension age, rather than 60. This could mean that you will not be able to claim free prescriptions until you are 66. It is thought this could impact approximately 2.4 million currently eligible people.

The question being asked is "Do you think that aligning the upper age exemption with state pension age could have a differential impact on particular groups of people of communities?" If you feel you need to reply to the consultation you have until 2 September to do so and can use the following link

You can claim a free prescriptions if you fall into the following categories:-

  • people aged 60 or over

  • people aged 16 or under

  • people aged 16 to 18 who are in full time education

  • pregnant women or those who have given birth within the last twelve months

  • people with a medical condition and a valid medical exemption certificate

  • those with a physical disability and a valid medical exemption which prevents them from going out

  • those with a valid war pension exemption certificate

  • NHS inpatients

The NHS could stand to raise an additional £300million from this change by the year 2027.

The National Pensioners Convention have said that raising the free prescription age would have a "massive negative effect" on health and that the prescription charges are not affordable by those on a low income. They have launched a "Save free prescriptions" campaign to convince the government of the need for free prescription for over 60s.

If you want to read more about the proposals click below for the details:-

If you need any advice or support in relation to claiming free prescriptions please contact us on 01622 843729 and our health and welfare team will be pleased to assist.


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