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Have you got your LPA access code?

The Office of the Public Guardian have worked very hard behind the scenes during recent months to bring themselves up to date with online technology.

Their latest offering is the ability to access a registered lasting power of attorney, online. this is called the use a lasting power of attorney service.

The plan is that one a lasting power of attorney has been registered attorneys and donors will be sent an activation key which can be used to create an online account. The donor or attorney can then use the activation key to set up on online account, with an access code, which can be given to organisations to view an online summary of the LPA.

With over 4 million users the service is being rolled out gradually. Donors and attorneys will be able to use the service if the LPA has been registered after 17 July 2020. There are plans to provide an activation key to other donors and attorneys for LPAs registered earlier in 2020 and some in 2019 but there are no plans to roll this out for LPAs registered any earlier.


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