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Increase to probate fees (again!)

Here we go again! There has been no mention of increasing the application fees for applying for a Grant of Probate since the disaster of 2019 until now. The Ministry of Justice is looking at an increase in probate fees as the existing system places an unfair burden on the tax payer as it operates at a loss.

Under proposals published on 8 July 2021 fees for a Grant of Probate are set to rise from £155 for a professional application and £215 for a lay application. Under the new proposals the application fee will rise to £273, regardless of the size of the estate.

The consultation period runs from 8 July until 23 July should you wish to make your feelings known.

Perhaps an increase in the probate application fee will allow them to employ more staff to make a better job of the new, modernised application process!


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