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Support for child funeral costs

Somehow dealing with the funeral of an elderly relative who lived to a ripe old age, had enjoyed life and caused much mischief seems appropriate as "they had a good innings". Dealing with the funeral of a child or stillborn baby is not what any parent expects to have to deal with.

At this time, the grief and feelings of loss that mum and dad go through can be compounded by the need to find fees to pay for the burial or cremation of their child. These costs cannot be pre-empted by a funeral plan and often come as a shock for those faced with the situation.

Few know that the Children's Funeral Fund for England can help to pay for some of the costs for a child's funeral. It is not means tested, so is not impacted upon by your earnings and is not affected by your savings. The only stipulation is that the burial or cremation must take place in England and your claim must be lodged within six months of the funeral.

The Fund can help to pay for burial fees, cremation fees, the costs of a doctor's certificate and a coffin, shroud or casket (up to the value of £300). Fees in relation to the burial or cremation can be claimed directly by the undertaker dealing with arrangements and they can also claim for some of the other funeral expenses.

If you are not using an undertaker the burial or cremation provider can claim for the fees.

Should you ever need this support you can apply online by using the following link


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