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We keep your data safe!

It is unfortunate for the government to have discovered a data breach as reported in the newspapers today, particularly of such sensitive information. It will be interesting to see how the Information Commissioner treats the breach and that action which is taken as a result!

Managing data is a complicated affair. For those of us who have to hold personal information as part of the work we do for you we have to make sure that it is securely held. Argo is subject to the rules which are set down in the Data Protection Act 2018. We are not allowed to share your data, keep inaccurate data and cannot use it for any purpose other than which it was collected for.

In the event of a data breach we have internal company procedures which we must follow to investigate and put measures in place to prevent the breach from happening again.

You are able to obtain information about the data we hold about you by making a subject access request and you can also ask us to erase the information we hold about you on our system.

We have very strict rules within Argo about data protection. Clients papers are only retained in the office and not removed. We do not have paper files. All data is held electronically. Our electronic data is managed on secure encrypted servers. All deeds and documents are held securely in locked cabinets. We use a secure shredding facility to make sure that no waste paper leaving the office finds its way to somewhere it should not be.

If you would like to receive further information about our data protection policies please contact our Data Protection lead, Kelly Duke, for further information.


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