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    Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.


    Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.


    Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

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  • I don't have a will

    People will always find a reason to put off making a will. They focus on the tiny details and forget the bigger picture. They blame superstition and feel that something will happen to them once they have completed the task. People even over think what they want to do and make it confusing and more complicated than it needs to be. All of these are excuses not to get on and make your will. It is not having a will in place which can lead to disaster. If you fail to make a will your estate will be distributed by old-fashioned laws which mean that those you would want to benefit from what you leave behind could miss out. In these circumstances, you do not get to choose who has what. You lose control and the chance to protect those nearest to you. Doing nothing is not an option. Get something written down even if it is not the final version. You can put a temporary will in place whilst you iron out the details. Take easy steps to think about what you want to do. Write a list of your assets, how much they are worth and think about whether they are owned just by you or by you and others. Write a list of those who are important to you with the most important at the top. This is where you need to start. Take the first step to make a will and protect your family. Get in contact today https://www.argolifeandlegacy.co.uk/wills

  • You must make a new will if you are considering divorce or separation

    If you want to protect your assets because you are considering divorce or separation, Argo can help you make a new will so you avoid the worry and uncertainty of what might happen if you do nothing. There are four elements to a divorce. The first is the arguing stage. The second is financial agreement. The third is the issue of the decree nisi when the Court agrees you can divorce. The fourth stage is when the Court issues the decree absolute and confirms you are divorced. Until you receive the decree absolute you are still married and your spouse can inherit from your estate. If you have made a will your spouse will still inherit until you receive your decree absolute. This is because you are still married throughout the divorce process. It is only when this order is made that your will is read as if your ex had died before you. If they are appointed as an executor they will act in the event of your death. If you have not made a will your spouse could inherit under the legal rules that set out who has what. Your children could end up living in places you would not have wished for them and face an uncertain future, and who will keep the dog? All of this can be avoided if you make a new will. Act now and you can exclude your spouse from any new will. You can also ensure that they cannot benefit from your estate if something happens to you before your decree absolute. You can ensure your assets pass to those you wish. You can check how assets are owned to protect your interests in your family home. If you are not sure what to do give us a call today and take advantage of our complimentary 15 minute first aid call to see what you must to do to protect your family. We have a proven track record in getting things done. We take the stress and worry out of making new wills by using our experience and knowledge to give you a hassle free, easy service.

  • Do I need to tax my mobility scooter

    Having just helped a client purchase a new mobility scooter I was proud to receive my first scooter V5 form to keep safely in our strongroom. I have never seen one of these before! That got me wondering how many other people have? This exercise has taught me a lot! I never realised that mobility scooters have their own number plate, which I presume, means you can have a personalised number plate just as you would with a car! How cool is that!! There is no legal requirement however for the number plate to be displayed on the mobility scooter. Just like a car a mobility scooter should be taxed and insured. If it is registered as a class 3 vehicle (which the seller will tell you when you purchase) you are exempt from road tax. Insuring a mobility scooter is is recommended. Insurance will provide you with public liability, accidental cover, theft and vandalism, breakdown recovery, after all you insure your car why on earth would you not insure your scooter? It is important. If you have an accident because you have poor eyesight you may have to pay compensation if someone is injured, so make sure you can read a car registration numbers from 40 feet away. You will be issued with a V5 document when you purchase your new scooter and become the registered owner. This will have to be changed if you sell. If you purchase a second hand scooter make sure you as for the V5 so that you can become the registered owner. Once I had helped with the purchase of the scooter I thought I ought to look further into the rules. Unbeknown to me there are different types of scooters. Who knew!! All mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs can legally travel at a maximum of 4mph on footpaths or in pedestrian areas. Normal parking restrictions apply to parking. If your scooter is a class 3 scooter it can be used on the road. There are specific rules which will determine whether your scooter is class 3. Class 3 scooters or powered wheelchairs are the only scooters which can drive on the road, and you are only allowed to drive up to 8mph. You cannot drive in bus lanes, cycle lanes or motorways. It seems you can drive on dual carriageways but it is recommended you avoid those with a speed limit of over 50mph! You have to be up to date and familiar with the highway code as these rules apply to scooter drivers as much as car drivers. And there's me thinking that purchasing a mobility scooter was easy. This is before I get to the first 10,000 mile service and have to deal with replacement brakes, new tyres and oil changes!! Just in case you need any further help or advice in relation to mobility scooters because you knew about as much as I did I have put below the government website details where you can find out more. https://www.gov.uk/mobility-scooters-and-powered-wheelchairs-rules

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  • Wills & Estate Planning | Argo Life & Legacy Ltd

    Wills Protect your family write your Will today... Making a will is the responsible thing to do, but many people put it off for days, weeks and even years. At Argo Life & Legacy we make this process easy and headache-free by offering solutions that suit everyone from online, over the phone, or coming to your home. Our friendly team explain every step so you don't have go through all those documents alone. ​ Hassle free your way! ​ Together we develop a plan that protects your family. ​ Practical benefits: A will protects your loved ones You'll have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of Things are not left to chance Emotional benefits: Your loved ones will be grateful for the protection you've given them Your family won't need to worry about what happens to your assets when you pass away, because it's already been planned and prepared in advance ​ To find out more contact us today on 01622 843729 Your next steps.. Intestacy Questionnaire The questionnaire is quick and easy to complete, and totally confidential. So why not take a few minutes to do it today? It could make all the difference for your loved ones down the road. Click Here Online Wills Service Don't wait - start protecting your loved ones today by writing your Will here online. It's quick, easy, and affordable Click Here Professional Support We know that when it comes to legal matters, you need the very best support possible. That's why we have a team of specialists on hand to help you out. Call Us just simply book a call back Book Here Or Download our FREE guide Download here

  • Law Dictionary | Argo Life & Legacy

    Legal Choices Law Dictionary Easy-to-understand definitions of legal words and expressions Legal advisers and legal documents use special words and phrases. Sometimes they're hard to understand. The Legal Choices law dictionary aims to explain legal language. Just enter the word or term Book here

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