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Funeral plan refunds

Funerals were not the same during covid and many families did not get to say goodbye to their loved ones in the way that they wished to. Waiting times for burials and cremation increased, families could not always attend services and things were very different. Now we are trying to adjust to life with covid, life and death will continue and we will be able to say goodbye as we wish.

For some families, whose loved ones were organised, funeral plans were purchased in advance of death to make life easier when it came to make arrangements. Many of those who died from covid would have had funeral plans but were unable to have the funeral they arranged. If a cremation or burial had to take place without family attending and without the ability of choice of venue or timings the costs they paid for the funeral plan would have been in excess of the actual costs of the simpler service that they had to have.

It probably did not even occur to these families to see whether they could obtain a refund for the cost of a funeral which had been paid for to include cars to transport family members, a service of remembrance, flowers and other specific requests rather than what was had.

If your loved one did pay for a funeral which they could not have, as a result of the measures imposed under covid restrictions, it may be possible for you to obtain a refund on the difference in price between the funeral plan purchased and the cost of the funeral held. It is unlikely to be a refund on the whole cost but could be a refund on certain elements. A funeral plan is a legal contract. The person purchasing the plan made a payment of money in exchange for a promise of a particular service. If that service did not happen or was only fulfilled in part there is a reason to claim a refund.

If you are not sure of who provided a funeral plan or whether there was one in place you can contact the Funeral Planning Authority to see whether your loved one had a prepaid plan. They will confirm the name of the provider so you can trace the funeral director to begin the conversation. For further details of the Funeral Planning Authority you can look at their website or you can telephone them on 0345 601 9619.

If you need any help from us with this just give us a call on 01622 843729.


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